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The RRRink - 1349 Center Dr, Medford, OR

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The Ruddles:
A Royal Family is Born

The birth of the Royal Family – the Rogue Valley Royals junior hockey team – can be traced back to the passion and dedication of its founders, Bobby and Ali Ruddle. As former hockey players themselves, the Ruddle's journey began in Southern Oregon's tight-knit hockey community, where they first crossed paths.
Upon returning to the region in 2015, the Ruddle's were driven by their love for the sport and a desire to give back. Bobby's experience as a Hockey Director and Ali's contributions as a youth hockey board member and co-founder of the Southern Oregon Women's Hockey Club laid the groundwork for their ultimate dream: creating a legacy through the Rogue Valley Royals.
The Ruddle's two-year-old son, Ripley, serves as a testament to their passion, growing up surrounded by the sport they love. As the smallest fan of the Royals, he symbolizes the future of the team and the family legacy. The Ruddle's dream has finally come to fruition with the birth of the Rogue Valley Royals, a team poised to write a new chapter in Southern Oregon's hockey history. The Rogue Valley Royals junior hockey team was born from Bobby and Ali Ruddle's passion for the sport. Returning to Southern Oregon in 2015, the couple dedicated themselves to nurturing the local hockey community. Their experiences laid the foundation for the Royals, a legacy that includes their young son, Ripley, as the team's smallest fan. The Ruddle family's dream has come true with the birth of the Royals, marking a new chapter in the region's hockey history.

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Player Spotlight

Tyler Hanson

Medford, OR

Emile Taillefer-Anctil

Lavel, Quebec, Canada

Ko Sekiguchi

Tokyo, Japan

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